Week 1 Daily Readings

This week, we’re reading Psalm 1-21.

I divided these psalms up this way:

Day 1:  Psalm 1-5

Day 2:  Psalm 6-10

Day 3:  Psalm 11-16

Day 4:  Psalm 17-18

Day 5:  Psalm 19-21

As you read, look for verses about God as a Refuge. These psalms are full of this concept–sometimes expressed in different words.

Every day, choose a treasure verse–one verse to treasure all day long. Respond to the verse in a prayer. Maybe you want to rephrase part of the verse as a prayer. Maybe the verse is already expressed as a prayer, and you can just pray it back to God as it is written.

You can order the book here.

 photo credit: Foto Pau Playa de Monsul via photopin (license)


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