a “usable invitation to a rich and uniquely personal prayer life”

One of our reviewers at Amazon says:

If you are looking for a uniquely usable yet easy and gentle way to truly deepen your own personal prayer life, this is the book for you! This is not a Bible study where one feels one gets a grade for answering textbook questions. This is a journey and experience, an actual beachcombing and the treasure is personal prayer. The author welcomes the reader to explore and uncover the richness of the Psalms. The flow is natural. It begins with a psalm (Psalm 40) to open us up to the different types of psalms. And boy they run the gambit! The author helps us break them down into usable areas. She gives us some definitions to enrich our understanding and so that we don’t have to interrupt ourselves to go and look them up-thank you! We are given opportunities for a prayer exercise, but she doesn’t leave us alone. She gives us an example. She even shares some of her experiences in a transparent and welcoming way. Then we are asked to consider some ideas. There are also original hymns, poems, and illustrations that complement and enrich the experience. This study is a friendly, fun, and personally usable invitation to a rich and uniquely personal prayer life.


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