Psalm 40

The book of Psalms has been my prayer guide through seasons of loss, depression, anxiety, hope, joy, and change. There is truly something here for every day—prayers from every emotion you can imagine. Psalms contains many genres of prayer, and most of them are illustrated in one of my favorite psalms, number forty.

Beachcombing…a poem to begin

It was one of those stereotypical coastal days,
The time-between-times: not really summer, not quite fall
Mid-afternoon, the opportune moment
The rain had pulled back—a strategic retreat to recruit reinforcements
But the wind still held the beachhead against all comers.
The tide was low, the sand deserted at the moment
Except for us.

prayers and treasures

The ocean is vast and cold and mysterious, but there are small treasures on the beach—treasures to pick up and take home and touch and feel and remember.

The book of Psalms, like the ocean, can be overwhelming.