I AM: 7 statements to nourish your soul

It’s been a month since we were able to meet for Bible Study, and I’ve been coming up with chatty little messages for our Bible Study group. Today I am just as chatty, but I have an assignment for all of us. We all need nourishment, and all the video messages in the world cannot replace God’s Word.

In the book of John, Jesus gave us seven wonderfully simple phrases that we can contemplate and explore and pray. Here is my message about this:

Here is our assignment. Let’s read all of these in context. That means read the whole chapter, and maybe even a few verses of the previous chapter, to see what was happening when Jesus said each of these statements.

Tuesday, April 14: I am the bread of life, John 6
Wednesday, April 15: I am the light of the world, John 8
Thursday, April 16: I am the door of the sheep, and I am the good shepherd, John 10
Friday, April 17: I am the resurrection and the life, John 11
Saturday, April 18: I am the way, the truth, and the life, John 14
Sunday, April 17: I am the true vine, John 15

Five Ideas for Bible study and meditation:
Every day, ask yourself
1. What was happening in this chapter?
2. Who was listening to Jesus?
3. What does this chapter tell me about Jesus and his character?
4. What does this chapter tell me about how Jesus interacts with people?
5. What is my response to Jesus today?

Photo credit: Amy Mayfield


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