Printable Study: Women Who Met Jesus

Hello Friends,

This fall I am leading a very simple Bible study, and I am sharing it here in a printable file, absolutely free.

In this study, you’ll meet the women who walked and talked with Jesus. As you hear his words of love and grace, you’ll notice how he changed lives and offered hope. You’ll find that ancient women had the same needs and desires we all have today—healing, friendship, significance, and love.

This class is designed to help apply your Bible reading to your life. You’ll not only discover relevant truths from these timeless stories, but also learn prayer and meditation methods to use with other portions of Scripture. Of course the ultimate goal is to know Jesus more deeply, to draw near to him and be transformed by him. We’ll look at a different name of Jesus every week, a name that shows us his love for us and prompts us to worship him.

The first week is an introduction, which I planned to share in a class format, before I realized that in-person Bible studies would be rare this fall! But the Scriptures are living and powerful, and you will find your reading relevant at home, even if you can’t meet with others. Weeks two through five consist of five daily devotional studies.

Download the file here: women-who-met-jesus-5-weeks

Feel free to share this material with others. Please leave a comment about your experiences in God’s Word with this simple study. I recently added a “Buy me a coffee” button for anyone who would like to support further studies on ths website.



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