Enlighten: a free Advent Bible study

I will be posting a free Bible study for the four weeks of Advent, right here at ruthjleamy.net. Watch for the downloadable study guide on Monday, November 22. Enlighten is a guide to Scriptures about people who waited for Jesus’ birth. We’ll look at a few saints too–saints whose feast days occur during Advent. This is not a time-consuming detailed study: it’s a simple journey through the four weeks of Advent.

I will host a Zoom meeting each Wednesday at 11 a.m. PST (beginning December 1) so that we can share an Advent prayer time each week. The prayer time will consist of a script of Scriptures, and we should have time for a little discussion also.

The characters will include

  • Abraham and Sarah
  • St. Andrew
  • Isaiah and his wife
  • St. Nicholas
  • John the Baptist and his disciples
  • St. Lucia
  • Mary & Joseph
  • St. Thomas

What will I need to participate in this study?

  • free downloadable study guide (posted soon)
  • a Bible
  • 4 or 5 candles of any kind: new/old/matching/random/battery-operated/actual candles
  • free downloadable Advent worship guide (posted soon)
  • Optional: use the contact option on this website to ask for the Zoom link

What does this study have in common with your book Light for a Dark Season?

Light for a Dark Season covered 6 weeks leading up to Christmas, as well as the twelve days of Christmas. The free Enlighten Advent Study will have a chapter for each of the four weeks preceding Christmas. I borrowed heavily from the character readings in Light for a Dark Season. It’s Advent. It’s supposed to follow a tradition. But there are new things too (the prayer services are all new) and I have edited and streamlined the daily segments.

What is the weekly format of Enlighten?

There are three days of study each week. When you print the study, each day will cover one or two pages.

What if I can’t attend zoom?

Visit us on zoom for a week or none of the weeks. You can do the study pages at home to enjoy a solo time of prayer and study.

Come back on Monday to download the study.


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