Enlighten Advent Study: the Main Page

Here are all the details and all the files you will need to study along with me in Advent 2021. I will be adding to this page as the weeks move on. You can expect this page to change in appearance as I figure out the latest WordPress updates.

First of all, you need to download the Introduction. This includes the schedule for the study.

Secondly, you need to think about candles. There is something about a lighted candle or two that adds peace and calmness to a time of worship. For this reason, Advent wreaths are a great addition to Advent celebrations. They include four or five candles, with or without an evergreen wreath or some other wreath-shaped object. Beginning with the first Sunday of Advent (or Wednesday for this class), I light a candle while I read the worship Scriptures. I light an additional candle on each subsequent Sunday (or Wednesday), until by the last Sunday (or Wednesday) all four candles are lit. Sometimes I light a fifth candle on Christmas Day. Traditionally, Advent candles are purple (for week 1, 2, and 4) and pink (for week 3) and white (for Christmas Day), but you can have white candles or green candles or a mix of candles–this is really your choice.

I will be lighting candles during our worship times. This year, I am using an informal set of battery operated candles set in shot glasses. It could really enhance our sense of togetherness if we are all lighting a candle (or two or three or four as the weeks go by) during our Zoom meetings.

Thirdly, if you want to join me on Zoom, you will need a link. Please e-mail me (ruthinthedesert @ gmail. com)

Lastly, I will upload two files for each week–the study guide and the worship Scriptures. I will do my best to share my screen during zoom, so you may not need to download the worship Scriptures. But if you want to use them during your family time or your own quiet times, go ahead and download them.

First Week Study Guide (read this before December 1)

On December 1, we will meet on zoom at 11 a.m. PST, to read the Worship file together. Here is that file.

Second week study guide (Read this before December 8)

Week 2 Worship and Prayer. We will read this together on December 8.

Third Week Study Guide. Read this before Wednesday, December 15.

Week 3: Worship and Prayer. We will read this together on December 15.

Week 4 Study Guide. Read this before December 22.

Here is the Worship and Prayer file. We will read this together on December 22. There is absolutely no guilt if you are not able to attend. We all understand the complications of this season.

Here is a simple reading for Christmas Day, or whenever you have a few quiet moments to light all the Advent candles, including the fifth candle. You will briefly remember each theme of Advent, while you celebrate the birth of Jesus our Savior.

This is a free study. No strings attached.

However, If you ever want to say a little “thank you,” here’s an option with the “buy me a coffee” button.

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